Most countries and places I have been to, I would love to go back to, however...

personal experience

I visited this country of islands several times in 2018, with Silversea expeditions.

the country


The Maldives is a country of fairly limited wildlife potential. The Maldives have a very 'southern Asian' mixed with Middle Eastern feel. As is typical of southern Asia, there never seems to be any women around in public areas. The country is mostly 'dry', with drinking of alcohol restricted to the private resorts. The terrestrial wildlife is limited in abundance and diversity. The coral reefs have seen better days. 

So, in summary:

no women,

no booze,

and limited wildlife!

The scenery is nice, as there are many beautiful islands and beaches. There are a few good snorkelling and SCUBA diving spots. However, this is one of the few countries on this website that I do not particularly recommend. 

As most of the islands are small and low in altitude, (the Maldives is often reported to be the lowest country in the world), there is very little endemic land wildlife. One of the few exceptions are those mammals that can fly, the bats.

flying-fox-indian-maldives-The Indian Flying Fox is the only native 'terrestrial' mammal in the Maldives.

Underwater, the Maldives used to be considered a fantastic place for SCUBA diving and snorkeling. Unfortunately, much of the coral appears dead;  this may be due to (either or both) constant monsoon winds or excessive coral bleaching. The best coral seems to be associated with the resorts, as ‘home reefs’. 

Oh, but Rogue One was filmed there: so that's cool. (As opposed to being filmed in a unflushed toilet, like Rian's The Last Jedi).

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