Temperate Seashore

The seashores of the temperate parts of southern Australia and New Zealand...

rock platform, Rottnest Island, Australia

From the peaceful (above), to the violent (below).... 

explosion on White Island (image by Damon Ramsey)White Island, New Zealand

For the page on the Plants of the Australasian temperate seashore

plants-sillouhette-leeuwin-WA(Leeuwin coast, south-west W.A)

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For the page on the Birds & Mammals of the Australasian temperate seashore 

(Yalgorap National Park, Western Australia)

Places to experience the Australasian temperate seashore

There are many national parks and other areas to explore the temperate seashores around New Zealand and southern Australia, including Cape KidnappersFiordland, and Snares Islands, all in New Zealand. In Tasmania there is the stunning Wineglass Bay.

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