Singapore Zoo

personal experience...

I used to go through Singapore a fair bit, and in my short few hours there, one of my favourite spots was the zoo, where I regularly go to get photographs...

the animals

Singapore Zoo is my favourite zoo, and a great place to get photographs of (seemingly) busy and happy inmates, especially the south-east Asian species.

an Asian flying fox stuffing his face (Damon Ramsey)

But there are also many other animals from all over the world. There is a particular and relevant focus on tropical rainforest animals, which makes sense, as this habitat contains more than any other, and the critters feel more comfortable here than they would in a miserable and cold (in more ways than one) European zoo.

So there is a good focus on primates: tamarins, gibbons, macaques, spider monkey, capuchin, apes, proboscis monkey, etc.

And being a zoo in a well developed tropical country means there is a lot of local wildlife walking around...

wild monitor lizard, Singapore Zoo (Damon Ramsey, wild monitor relaxes at Singapore Zoo (Damon Ramsey)


It takes about half an hour from the city to the zoo via a taxi, and this is  usually a Singapore$30 fare, depending on traffic.  The entry fee is S$33 (2016 prices).

african ground squirrel, Singapore Zoo, (Damon Ramsey, little african ground squirrel seems happy to live in singapore (Damon Ramsey)

Another wildlife park in Singapore is Jurong Bird Park

Thinking of travelling again after everything settles down? One of the first expeditions I am booked to work on is the NZ sub-Antarctics with Silversea Expeditions and Australia with Coral Expeditions. And here is a shortened version of one of my lectures in a warmer part of the world.