Tropical Freshwater
 (rivers, lakes & wetlands)

The freshwater wetlands, lakes and rivers of New Guinea and northern Australia...

Flowering Plants

(Lake Clem Walton, Queensland)

Cyperus involucratus.

Family Arecaceae: Palms

(Sepik River, PNG)

'Sago Palm'.

Class Reptilia

(Lake Clem Walton, Queensland)

'Merten's Water Monitor'.

(near Emerald Botanical Gardens, Queensland)

Tropidonophis mairii, 'Australian Freshwater Keelback'. A fairly slim snake. Not venomous. Famous for being one of the few snakes in Australia that can eat Cane Toads and not die. They can be seen swimming on surface in various waterbodies, including into urban areas. It is found along east coast from south-east Queensland and intro tropics right across Australia into Kimberley and New Guinea. 

Class Aves: Birds

(Lake Mooroondah, Queensland)

Family Anseranatidae: Magpie-Goose

Family Anatidae: Ducks & Geese

(Lake Mooroondah, Queensland)

Anas superciliosa, 'Pacific Black Duck'.

(Lake Mooroondah, Queensland)

Aythya australis'Hardhead', 'White-eyed Duck'.

(Lake Mooroondah, Queensland)

Nettapus pulchellus, 'Green Pygmy Goose'.

Family Podicipedidae: Grebes
Family Rallidae: Rails, Gallinules, Coots
Family Recurvirostridae: Stilts & Avocets
Family Charadriidae: Plovers, Dotterels
Family Jacanidae: Jacanas

Family Ciconiidae: Storks

Brolga, Winton, Queensland

Antigone rubicunda, 'Brolga'. Large and tall. Distinguished from similar Sarus Crane by having less red on the head and neck, having a dark neck flap, and having grey (rather than red) legs.

Family Phalacrocoracidae: Cormorants

(Lake Clem Walton, Queensland)
(Lake Clem Walton, Queensland)

'Pied Cormorant'.

Family Anhingidae

Anhinga novaehollandiae, 'Australasian Darter' 'Anhinga'.

Family Threskiornithidae: Ibis and Spoonbill

(Lake Clem Walton, Queensland)

'Australian White Ibis'.

Plegadis falcinellus, 'Glossy Ibis'.

Family Ardeidae: Herons

(Lake Clem Walton, Queensland)

'Nankeen Heron'.

(Sepik River, PNG)

'Pied Heron'.

Family Accipitridae

(Sepik River, PNG)

'Whistling Kite'.

Family Monarchidae

(Lake Mooroondah, Queensland)

Myiagra nana, 'Paperbark Flycatcher'.

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