Temperate Broadleaf Forest

Distribution of Nearctic Broadleaf Forest By (credit to - Terpsichores - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Maple leaves (Canada)

In Autumn (or known in North America as Fall), the leaves start to lose their green colour producing chlorophyll, and the other anthocyanin and carotenoid pigments  are revealed in the weeks before the leaves go brown, die and fall off. During this time of the year, the forests turn various reds and oranges, and the tourism to appreciate this is known as 'leaf peeping'. 

Kingdom Plantae

Order Rosales

Family Rosaceae

(Bonaventure Island, Canada)

 Sorbus americana, 'American Mountain Ash' .

Order Sapindales

Acer spp. 'Maple'

Maple Leaf (Canada)

Order Cornales

Family Cornaceae

(Bonaventure Island, Canada)

Cornus stolonifera/sericea, 'Red-Osier Dogwood' fruits.

Order Ericales

Family Sarraceniaceae


Sarracenia purpurea, 'Purple Pitcher Plant'. This is not related at all to the Asian Nepenthes Pitcher Plants, but they look quite similar. 

Order Asterales

Family Asteraceae


Kingdom Animalia

Class Aves: Birds

Family Passerellidae: Sparrows

(Bonaventure Island, Canada)
(Bonaventure Island, Canada)

Passerculus sandwichensis, 'Savanah Sparrow'. Found in open habitats across North America, with some populations wintering in northern South America.

Sciurus carolinensis, 'Gey Squirrel'.

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