Human Habitats (Farms, Gardens & Cities)

Dust storm in south-west Australia.

Flowering Plants

Order Laurales, Magnoliales, Piperales, Arecales, Asparagales

Order Lilales

Family Colchicaceae

(Pajinka, Cape York, Queensland)

Gloriosa superba, 'Flame/Climbing Lily'. The scientific name is very modest! The plant is used for medicine but is also poisonous. Native to tropical and southern Africa. Introduced to French Polynesia and tropical Australia.

Order Pandales, Poales, Zingiberables, Proteales.

Order Ranunculales

Family Papaveraceae

Argemone ochroleuca, 'Mexican Poppy'. Grows as a weed in south-west and south-east Australia. From Central America.

Order Myrtales

Family Combretaceae

(George Brown Botanical Gardens, Darwin)

Combretum indicum, 'Rangoon Creeper'. Vine. Flowers change from white to pink. Native to tropical Asia. Seen in northern Australia.

Order Ericales

Family Lecythidaceae

This family contains the Brazil Nut.

(George Brown Botanical Gardens, Darwin, NT)

Couroupita guianensis, 'Cannonball Tree'. Native to forests of north-eastern South America. Deciduous. Grown in tropical gardens for its distinctive cauliflory, and spectacular amount of flowers. 


(Maroochydoore, Australia)

'Eastern Water Dragon'

Class Aves: Birds

(Maroochydoore, Australia)

'Australian Brush Turkey'.

(Maroochydoore, Australia)

Mound of Australian Brush Turkey. These huge nests have become quite common in urban backyards in south-east Queensland, much to the annoyance of gardeners. Well, I guess they were here first.

(Maroochydoore, Queensland)

'Crested Pigeon'

(Emerald botanical gardens, Queensland)

'Blue-faced Honeyeater'

(Maroochydoore, Queensland)

'Noisy Miner'

(Sydney, Australia)

'Australian Magpie'

Class Mammalia


Pseudocheirus peregrinus, 'Common Ringtail'.

(Possum Valley)

'Brushtail Possum'. Often live in and around the roofs of houses, where they clamber about noisey and defecate and urinate everywhere (pictured above about to defecate onto cameraman).  

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