Pink Beach
Komodo Island, Indonesia

An interesting beach with great snorkeling. 

personal experience...

I have visited this beach many times with various expedition companies. Unfortunately, with the trend of larger expedition ships, it means the beach can get crowded. It is only a matter of time until this starts to effect the coral. (However, as of 2020 with the Covid virus shutting the world economy down, this gives the reef time to rest)   


Pink Beach is located on Komodo Island. Yes, the same island with the dragons (although I have never seen any Komodo Dragons here on this beach!). Komodo Island is located in the Lesser Sundas' part of Indonesia. The beach is often included in itineraries for international expediion ships, and smaller local tour boats.

is it really pink?

It is famous as "Pink" Beach because of the colour.

But don't expect it to be bright pink.

It has a soft pink hue where the water laps at the shore. While other 'pink beaches' in the Caribbean are due to the presence of certain foraminfera, the pink beaches in Indonesia and in the Philppines are due to the amount of Organ Pipe Coral growing on the surrounding reefs. Unlike most corals, the skeleton of this species does not bleach to white when washed up, but retains a brght red colour, that eventually fades to orange or pink. Here, there are many colonies to be seen on the reef (they are not pink when alive, but tend to have off-white tentacles). You can see the organ pipe skelteons and pink and red bits along the beach and in the sand along the wash zone.

the red grains of organ pipe coral that give Pink Beach (Komodo) its colour...(Damon Ramsey)

As well as the nice beach, there is also fantastic coral reef here. It has good living coverage, and with many different fish. The good coral starts within just a few easy metres swim from the beach, and continues out for another 20 metres, to a gradual drop off.

a close up of coral polyp tentacles...
an anemone, half closed, coral reef off Pink Beach, anemone closing up...

There is a high abundance and diversity of of fishes....

school of Fusiliers on deeper water edge of reef (Damon Ramsey_
a Moorish Idol, or as George Costanza would say, a 'Moopish Idol'.

And Marine Turtles are regularly seen...

Hawksbill Turtles have a distinctive 'beak' (Damon Ramsey)

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