Tropical Open Woodlands

This section covers the open forest and woodlands across tropical and subtropical northern Australia and southern New Guinea.


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The most obvious dominating plants of the Australian tropical woodlands are of course Eucalyptus species. In the understory there is a large diversity of species across the habitats, with species of Acacia being the most diverse group, followed by various Proteaceae. 

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In the dry season, most of the invertebrate activity is quiet, except for the dragonflies. Many species of butterfly 'overwinter'. Once the wet season starts up again, the insects start to proliferate.

(Orb Web Spider, Telstra Hill, Mt. Isa)

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 Although not very obvious, there is a high diversity of reptiles in the woodlands of northern Australia. 

(Ring-tailed Dragon, Telstra Hill, Mt. Isa, Queensland)

The birds of the Australasian tropical woodlands include some of the largest and most colourful parrots on the planet. One of the most common and striking is the Red-winged Parrot; small flocks of these lime green birds race by with bright patches of crimson in their wings.

(Red-winged Parrot, Bladensberg National Park)

The Bee-eaters as a group are more diverse in the African and Asian tropics, but there is one species that is native and emblematic of the Australian tropical open woodlands in the southern winter: Merops ornatus, 'Rainbow Bee-eater'.

bee-eater-rainbow-darwin-botanical-gardens(George Brown Botanical Gardens, Darwin)

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A wait near a waterhole at dawn or dusk should result in several species of grass-finch.


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The biggest group of birds in the tropical woodlands are the honeyeaters. 

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The savanna woodlands are a great place to see many classic open country mammals, such as Agile Wallabies and Wallaroos. In the rockier habitats there are Rock Wallabies.

Places to experience the Australian tropical savanna

Some places to explore and appreciate the tropical savanna of Australia, include: Lizard island in Queensland, and Talbot Bay and Wyndham Caravan Park, Kimberley, Australia.

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