Ecosystem Guides book:
Subantarctic oceans and islands

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An ebook available that is currently exclusively through amazon Kindle. Approximately 100 pages and 28MB size (subsequent editions will increase in pages, size and price). The 'print edition' format is used to maintain the layout of images and text.

“Ecosystem Guides: Antarctic sea and shore”

Published by Damon Ramsey, trading as Ecosystem Guides,
Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 4870.
This edition published 2024.

All photographs and text copyright Damon Ramsey, 2024.
Parts of this publication can be reproduced for genuine educational or training purposes, but must include due credit to the author Damon Ramsey and Ecosystem Guides. For all other reasons, please contact the author below.

The author cannot be responsible for readers getting poked by a penguin, slapped by a seal, hit by a humpback, or any other mishaps derived from following the information in this book.

ISBN: 978-0-9757470-9-4

Cover photographs:
All the photographs and other images in this book are by Damon Ramsey, unless indicated.

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