Komodo Island

Personal experience

I have visited this island with different expedition ships many times.


The Komodo Islands are located in eastern Indonesia, east of Bali and Lombok, and west of New Guinea. Visitors often expect them to be covered in jungle, like much of the rest of Indonesia, but they are actually quite seasonally dry islands, suffering from being in the rain shadow of the Australian continent to the south.


The islands are most famous for being home to Komodo Dragons, the largest of all living lizards. These animals can be see on the walking trails from the Park headquarters on Komodo. The trails can only be walked with a guide. Take plenty of water as the walk can be very hot. Other islands that also have Komodo Dragons include the less visited Rinca Island.

Komodo Island is also quite good for birds. Unlike neighbouring Rinca, monkeys have not been introduced and established here. Birds that I have seen include Orioles...

Other reptiles can be seen on the island, including the Draco gliding dragons.

Gliding Dragons! (Damon Ramsey)

The island also includes a famous snorkelling spot, called Pink Beach.


Being small and remote islands, the best way to experience Komodo is on a ship. Various ships, including cruises and expedition, are now visiting this area.

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