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Tropical & Subtropical Dry
Broadleaf Forest

The drier forest of Wallacea are often overlooked...


The drier forests of Wallacea are found in the large country of Indonesia and the tiny new country of East Timor. They dominate the natural landscape in a group of islands often known as the 'Lesser Sundas'.

Their rainfall and vegetation is in contrast with the wetter jungle of south-east Asia and New Guinea. They look quite similar to the drier tropical woodlands across northern Australia, and are seasonally dry for the same reason, as they are located in the rain shadow of the Australian continent. Moister trade winds that come from the south east in the southern hemisphere dry season are sucked dry as they travel across the continent. Only in the summer wet season does the area get significant rainfall. At this time, the previously sparse brown vegetation erupts into green.  

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(image by Damon Ramsey)(Com, East Timor)

Class Mammalia

Order Chiroptera: 'Bats'

(Satonda, Indonesia)

Flying Fox.

 Places to experience the Wallacean dry forest

Places to see the tropical dry forest of Wallacea Komodo IslandRinca, and Satonda Island, in Indonesia, and Nino Konis National Park in East Timor.

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