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The tropical mangrove ecosystems of northern Australia and New Guinea...

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Phylum Cnidaria 

Subphylum Medusozoa: 'Sea-jellies'

Some species of jellyfish swim up river to breed. In areas with large tidal ranges, the outgoing tide may resulting in jellyfish hanging from mangrove tree branches like plastic bags.

Phylum Arthropoda

 Class  Malacostraca

Order Decapoda

Family Ocypodidae

These are the crabs that have their eyes located at the end of stalks.

Uca spp. 'Fiddler Crabs'

Small and usually colourful crabs. The adult males have one enlarged claw that they wave around to establish territory, fight other males, and attract females.

(Prince Frederick Harbour, Australia)

Uca flammula, 'Flame Fiddler Crab'.

Class Insecta

Family Culicidae: Mosquitoes

The author getting bitten by a mosquito that is filling up my blood (image by Damon Ramsey)

When a mosquito bites a human, they are inserting a long section called a stylet into the skin to draw out the blood. Like other flies, only the female bites, as she needs the blood to produce her eggs. Different mosquitoes attack different species of vertebrates, including frogs, birds and mammals. Particular species of Culex attack mainly birds, while others in the genus Aedes attack mammals. Some mosquitoes inject a compound through their saliva which reduces blood clotting; this is what often causes the bites to itch later on. The bite in the image above...still itches.

Phylum Chordata

Superclass Osteichthyes: Bony Fish

Subfamily Oxudercidae: 'Mudskippers'

Boleophthalmus caeruleomaculatus'Blue-spotted Mudskipper' (Prince Frederick Harbour, Australia).


Crocodylus porosus, 'Indo-Pacific/Salt-water Crocodile', (Prince Frederick Harbour, Australia).

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(Alim Island, Papua New Guinea)

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For a short guided walk through the subtropical mangroves of south-east Queensland, Australia

Throughout the virus I am working in Australia on and off as local borders close, mostly as Expedition Leader in the Kimberley (May-September). If you can't go travelling until everything settles down, then until then, here I am doing online guided walks for Noble Caledonia and online lectures for Silversea.