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Penguin colonies provide spectacular sights (at one of the most spectacular sites!) on the Subantarctic islands.

King Penguin colony, South Georgia

Surprisingly little is known about the different species of the stunning flying fish of the tropical open oceans.

The Anhinga with it's piranha meal is just one of many amazing birds of the tropical American freshwater wetlands in the Pantanal of Brazil.  

anhinga-spiking-piranha(Anhinga and piranha, Pantanal, Brazil)

The Lion is just one species among the many mammals of the African savanna in Uganda.

lion-awake-in-tree-Ishasha-uganda(Ishasha, Uganda)

There are some beautiful (and many endemic) birds to seen in Ankarafantsika National Park and the dry forests of Madagascar.

(Kingfisher, Madagascar)

The tropical coral reefs include the famous 'nemos', the anemonefish... 

(Anemonefish, Japan)

The Komodo dragon, the biggest lizard in the world, can be seen in the dry forests of Wallacea on the islands of Komodo and Rinca.

(Komodo Dragons fighting, Rinca, Indonesia)

Western Grey Kangaroos are one of the common mammals of south-west Australian temperate Eucalyptus woodlands.

(Kangaroos, Western Australia)

Like birdwatching? Some of the cutest and confiding creatures are the birds of the temperate forests of the Himalayas.

(Whiskered Yuhina, Bhutan)

The diverse and photogenic hummingbirds of Central & South American rainforests.

(Golden-tailed Saphire Hummingbird, Wildsumaco Lodge, Ecuador)

The wonderful diversity of the primates of African rainforest.

He might be as shocked to see you as you are to see him! (Bigodi, Uganda)

The largest jungle bird in the world is the Cassowary, one of the many amazing birds of the lowland rainforests of Australia and New Guinea.

staring down the most dangerous bird in the world! (Sepik River, Papua New Guinea)

The most acrobatic of all cetaceans, the 'Dusky Dolphin', swims in the temperate Australasian oceans

Dusky Dolphin somersaulting, Kaikoura (image by Damon Ramsey)(Kaikoura, New Zealand)

 The Arctic waters are remote and beautiful. As the days gets shorter in autumn, the northern lights get easier to see.

The rainforest of Wallacea is a mix of Australian and Asian derived species, with many endemic, including the tiny Tarsier.

(Tangkoko, Indonesia)

The birds of paradise are one of the most spectacular song birds of the Australian and New Guinea upland rainforest.

(Chambers Lodge, Lake Eacham, Australia)

Orang-utans are the biggest of the primates of the Asian lowland tropical rainforest.

redheads are cute!

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