Ocean & Seashore

The diversity is low on the Antarctic continent, but the remoteness and pristine conditions are breath-taking... 

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The Snowy Sheathbill of the tiny family Chionidae are the only 'land' bird native to Antarctica.


The Skuas, of the family Stercorariidae, are one of the main scavengers and thieves on the land around Antarctica. They can often be observed stealing eggs and chicks around penguin colonies. 


The penguins of the family Spheniscidae are the classic symbols of the frozen continent. While there are more species and larger colonies in the subantarctic areas, it is Antarctica we think of when we imagine penguins. The three main species here belong to the 'Brush-tailed Penguins' Pygoscelis

penguin-chinstrap'Chinstrap Penguin'.
Gentoo Pengions

The order Procellariiformes includes a large variety of seabirds known as 'Tubenoses'. There are many species to be seen flying above the Southern Ocean on the way to Antarctica. 

prion-antarctic-scotia'Antarctic Prion'.

One of the largest Tubenoeses after the Albatross is the 'Southern Giant Petrel'. This species may scavenge and hunt around penguin breeding colonies. 

petrel-giant-southern-eating-penguinGiant Petrel

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Places to experience the Antarctic sea & shore

The easiest and most popular place is the Antarctic peninsula.

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