Temperate Seashore

The further south and west along the southern coast of Africa you go, the cooler the water gets, with more oxygen and extra nutrients being brought in by the Benguela current.

One of the most distinctive and widespread bird families of most seashores around the world are the Oystercatchers. Most are black or black and white, and the 'African Oystercatcher', found along the coasts of southern Africa, is no exception.

(the Boulders, South Africa)

The most common and familiar group of birds along temperate seashores are of course the gulls. The species that is most obvious along the southern African shores is Larus dominicanus vetula, '(Cape) Kelp Gull'.

(the Boulders, cape Town, South Africa)
'Cape Cormorant'. Found only along coasts of southern Africa, (the Boulders, cape Town, South Africa)

When people think of birds in cooler water, most would probably think of penguins. The species here is Spheniscus demesus 'Cape Penguin', or 'African Penguin'.

(the Boulders, South Africa)
Cape Penguin and young (the Boulders, South Africa)

Places to see experience African seashores

One of the best known and prettiest places is the Boulders, near Cape Town South Africa.

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