Jurong Bird Park

This is a fantastic zoo for those interested in photographing birds. Many of the set ups have a natural background, and many of the species are able to flit around with others in huge avairies. The park is divided into many sections representing: themes, habitats (riverine etc), countries (Africa, South-east Asia), or groups of birds (parrots).

Image of a Livingstone Turaco and Starling feed side by side in the African waterfall section (Damon Ramsey, www.ecosystem-guides.com)the African bird section!...or, you could just go to Africa? What are you sitting there for? Go!

There is a section devoted to South-east Asian birds, including Pittas, Barbets, Broadbills, Kingfishers and others. But there is also a great mix of South-east Asian birds flying free or mixed into different zones.

a Black-naped Oriole having a fight (Damon Ramsey, www.ecosystem-guides.com)


A taxi to the park is about Singapore$20, and entry into the park is about Singapore$25.
You can save a couple of bucks getting various entries to parks at the same time (eg: a double ticket which also includes the zoo). The entry lines can be long at school holidays and weekends, and taxis a bit of a wait on Sundays, so take a book...

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