Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest (Rainforest)

The rainforest of the biological transition zone of Wallacea between the Indo-Malayan and Australasian regions...

FROM - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallacea

The rainforests of Wallacea are found on islands in Indonesia and the tiny country of East Timor.

(Satonda, Indonesia)

Ficus Fig.

(Satonda, Indonesia)

Huge nest of the 'Orange-footed Scrubfowl'.

Class Mammalia

Order Diprotodontia; (herbivorous Australasian) Marsupials

Family Phalangeridae

(Tangkoko National Park, Indonesia)

Ailurops ursinus, 'Sulawesi Bear Cuscus'. Found only in Sulawesi and some surrounding islands.

Order Primates

Well his mother probably thinks he's handsome - A Celebes Black Macaque.

Family Tarsiidae

Tarsiers have huge eyes; each eyeball is reported to be as big as their brain. They have the largest eyes in propotion to their body than any other type of mammal. But the eyes are fixed, so they have to turn their head to see (like Michael Keaton as Batman); but they can turn their head almost 180 degrees. They are fast and alert, and are the only primates that feed mainly on other animals.

(Tangkoko, Indonesia)

Tarsius spectrumgurskyae, 'Gursky's Spectral Tariser'.

Family Cercopithecidae: Old World Monkeys

(Tangkoko National Park, Indonesia)

Macaca nigra, 'Celebes Crested/Black Macaque'. A striking species, with all black fur and glaring orange eyes. Very short tail sometimes gives it the common name of an 'ape'. Mostly terrestrial during the day, reported to sleep in trees at night.  Usually seen in troops.. Endemic to the north east of Sulawesi mainland and islands.

Places to experience Wallacean rainforest

Tangkoko Reserve, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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