INDO-MALAYAN Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest

The diverse rodents of the south-east Asian and Indian rainforests...

Order Rodentia

Family  Sciuridae, Squirrels

Callosciurus finlaysonii, 'Variable Squirrel', This local variation Callosciurus finlaysonii annellatus, is mainly rufous, with a distinct white band at the base of its tail (Angkor Wat, Cambodia).

Callosciurus canicepsGrey-bellied Squirrel (Baan Maka Lodge, Thailand).

Callosciurus erythraeus, 'Pallas's Squirrel'. (Khao Sok National Park, Thailand).

Dremomys lokriah, 'Orange-bellied Himalayan Squirrel'. Despite the common name, doesn't always have a particularly bright orange belly (Jigme Dorji, Bhutan).

Tamiops mcclellandii, 'Himalayan Striped Squirrel'. Small, cute and very hyperactive. (Jigme Dorji, Bhutan).

Funambulus palmarum, 'Indian Palm squirrel' or 'Three-striped Palm Squirrel', (Kithugala, Sri Lanka).

Funambulus palmarum, 'Layard's Palm squirrel' or 'Flame-striped Jungle Squirrel', (Kithugala, Sri Lanka).

Ratufa bicolor'Giant Black Squirrel'. There are many variations in colour with this widespread species (Bali Barat, Indonesia).

Ratufa bicolor'Giant Black Squirrel'. (Kithugala, Sri Lanka).

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