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INDO-MALAYAN Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest

The diversity of plants in the rainforests of Asia is too much for one page!

Order Laurales

Family Lauraceae

Order Piperales

Family Piperaceae

Order Pandanales

Family Pandanaceae

Order Zingiberales

Family Zingiberaceae

Order Dillenales

Family Dilleniaceae

Order Vitales

Family Vitaceae

Order Fabales

Family Fabaceae

(Jahoo Gibbon Camp)

Probably pod and beans of Mucuna vine.

Order Rosales

Family Rosaceae
Family Moraceae

Order Malpighiales

Family Euphorbiaceae

Macaranga sp. (Krakatoa, Indonesia). The species in this genus are among the most common of tropical Asian jungle plants, as they are pioneer species: those that grow fast and quick on the edge of the rainforest.

Family Rafflesiaceae

These are the biggest flowers in the world. They are only found in the rainforest of south-east Asia. Contrary to popular belief, they don't stink; (that's another large tropical flower called Amorphophallus titanum)

Rafflesia keithii, (Poring Hot Springs, Malaysia). This species is the second largest in the genus after the Sumatran species Rafflesia arnoldii

Order Malvales

Family Malvaceae
Family Dipterocarpaceae

Order Myrtales

Family Myrtaceae

Family Melastomataceae

Osbeckia lanata. Found in the understory in montane forests in Sri Lanka (Horton Plains, Sri Lanka).

Order Caryophyllales

Family Droseraceae

Family Nepenthaceae

Nepenthes sp. (Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo, Indonesia).

Nepenthes rajah, 'Pitcher Plant', (Mesilau, Malaysia). The largest of all Pitcher Plants (with my hand for scale). Only found close to the ground on a few mountains in northern Borneo.

Order Ericales

Family Lecythidaceae

Careya arborea (Jahoo Camp, Cambodia).

Family Ericaceae, 'Heathers'

Rhododendron spp.

Many species in this genus have large red flowers. They are mostly found in the higher altitude forests of Asia.

The flowers of Rhododendron provide some much needed bright colour to the gloom of the montane rainforest in Borneo (Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia).

Rhododendron arboreum, 'Ceylon Rhododendron'. Grows as a shrub in the open or small tree in more protected areas. Leaves greyish-brown on underside due to hairs.  Large bunches of a dozen red flowers. Found in cloud forest, endemic to Sri Lanka. (Horton Plains).

Rhododendron sp. (Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia).

Vaccinium leschenaultia, Indian Cranberry. Shrub or small tree. Found in montane forest in India and Sri Lanka. (Horton Plains, Sri Lanka).

Order Gentianales

Family Rubiaceae
Family Apocynaceae

Order Solanales

Family Solanaceae

Order Lamiales

Family Verbenaceae
Family Lamiaceae

Order Apiales

Family Araliaceae

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(Khao Sok, Thailand)

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