Tropical Seashore

The tropical Indo-Pacific seashores include the classic beautiful tropical beaches, but also host some of the most widespread plants and animals on the planet...

the seashore...

coastal cave (Tonga)
Blowholes (image by Damon Ramsey)blowholes (Mapu a Vaea, Tonga).

Blowholes occur where holes have been weathered down into caves underneath a rocky coast. When waves hit the shore, the water in the underwater cave is forced into the small eroded gap and squeezed out and high into the air. One of the best places to see blowholes in the tropical Indo-Pacific is along the coast of Tonga at Mapu a Vaea.

(Pink Beach, Indonesia).

The sand of some tropical Indo-pacific beaches is stained pinkish from the broken down 'Organ-Pipe Coral', such as on Pink Beach on Komodo Island in Indonesia.

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Class Mammalia

The only mammals to be regularly seen in these habitats are flying fox, as bats can fly and disperse themselves to these remote islands.

Indian Flying Fox (image by Damon Ramsey)Indian Flying Fox, Maldives

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