INDO-MALAYAN Tropical & Subtropical Dry (Deciduous) Forest

The reptiles of the seasonal drier forests of tropical Asia...

Family Agamidae

(Yala National Park, Sri Lanka)

Calotes versicolor, 'Oriental/Changeable Garden Dragon/Lizard'. Develops bright red throat in breeding season.

Dragon in Cambodia (image by Damon Ramsey)Dragon (Kulen Prontemp, Cambodia).

Subfamily Leiolepidinae: Butterfly Lizards

Butterfly Lizards live in open areas, where they construct burrows which they duck into quickly when they are alarmed.

(Kulen Prontemp, Cambodia)

Leiolepsis sp. 'Butterfly Lizard'

Family Scincidae

Skink (Kulen Prontemp, Cambodia).

Family Varanidae

(Yala National Park, Sri Lanka)

Varanus bengalensis, 'Indian/Land/Bengal Monitor'. Found in India, the middle east, and into south-east Asia.

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