INDO-MALAYAN Tropical & Subtropical Dry (Deciduous) Forest

The beautiful plants of the open seasonally dry woodlands of tropical Asia...

Order Fabales


Pterocarpus sp. 'Padauk', (Kulen Prontemp, Cambodia).


Cassia sp. (Kulen Prontemp, Cambodia).

Family Dipterocarpaceae

Dipterocarpus canopy (image by Damon Ramsey)(Kulen Promtep, Cambodia)

Dipterocarpus canopy.

(Kulen Promtep, Cambodia)

Dipterocarpus (obtusifolius?).

(Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

Dipterocarpus (alatus?).

Order Ericales

Family Lecythidaceae

Careya aborea, 'Kumbhi' (Hindi), 'Slow Match Tree', (Kulen Prontemp, Cambodia). Found in closed and open habitats throughout tropical Asia.

to identify...

Apocynaceae? (Kulen Promtep, Cambodia)
Apocynaceae? (Kulen Promtep, Cambodia)
(Tmatbuey, Cambodia)
Capparis? Clerodendrum? (Bali Barat National Park)
Legume pods? (Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

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