Open Ocean

Class Cubozoa: 'Box jellyfish'

chironex-box-sea-jelly(in a jar!)

Chironex fleckeri, '(Australian) Box Jellyfish'.

Class Scyphozoa: 'True Sea-jellies'


Order Semaeostomeae

These jellyfish usually have four arms, but are most recogniseable by the long long wispy tentacles trailing from the bell. The edges of the domed bell are scalloped.

Family Ulmaridae

(Kakaban, Indonesia)

Aurelia aurita, 'Moon Jellyfish'.

Order Rhizostomae

These sea-Jellies have eight 'fluffy' divided arms hanging from the bell, rather than the thin wispy tentacles seen on other jelly fish.

Family Mastigiidae

(Kakaban, Indonesia)

Mastigias papua, 'Spotted Jellyfish'.

Cassiopeia ornata, 'Upside-down Jellyfish'.

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