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AUSTRALASIAN Tropical & Subtropical Savanna Woodlands

The honeyeaters are the biggest family of birds in the northern Australian bush... 

Family Meliphagidae, Honeyeaters

Throughout the warmer parts of the world there are always birds that have evolved to feed specifically on nectar. In Australasia, it is the honeyeaters. They are the biggest family of birds in Australia, including the northern tropical woodlands.   

Lichmera indistincta'Brown Honeyeater',  (Wyndham Caravan Park, Western Australia). Adaptable and found in a variety of habitats across much of Australia, except for the drier inland and extreme south-east. 

(Rapid Creek, NT)

Stomiopera unicolor, 'White-gaped Honeyeater'. Found in various habitats across northern Australia.

Conopophila rufogularis'Rufous-throated Honeyeater'. Found in various habitats across northern Australia.

(Rapid Creek, NT)

Conopophila albogularis, 'Rufous-banded Honeyeater'. Found in tropical woodlands, mangroves and gardens in northern Australia and New Guinea.

(Wyndham Caravan Park, Western Australia).

Ptilotula flavescens'Yellow-tinted Honeyeater'. Found in various habitats across northern Australia.

(Vansitart Bay, Western Australia)

Ramsayornis fasciatus, 'Bar-breasted Honeyeater'. Found in woodlands, especially along rivers and in paperbark wetlands, across northern Australia.

(Crocodile Creek, W.A.)

'Bar-breasted Honeyeater' nests are found hanging along rivers in tropical woodlands, and just look like flood debris. 

"Follow that flower!"

Cissomela pectoralis, 'Banded Honeyeater'. A 'blossom nomad' following the flowering.

Myzomela obscura, 'Dusky Honeyeater/Myzomela'. Very small, delicate and plain. Found in various habitats, including edge of wetter woodlands, northern Australia and New Guinea.

)Wyndham, W.A.)

Myzomela erythrocephala, 'Red-headed Honeyeater/Myzomela'. Tiny, fast and bright red. Found mostly in mangroves, but also appears on edge of tropical woodlands and wetlands, across coastal northern Australia and New Guinea.

Melithreptus albogularis, 'White-throated Honeyeater', (Wyndham Caravan Park, Western Australia). Found across northern Australia and down along the east coast.

(Wyndham, Western Australia)

Philemon citreogularis, 'Little Friarbird'. Found in woodlands across northern Australia north into New Guinea, and south along east coast into south-eastern Australia.

(Anjo Peninsula, W.A.)

'Little Friarbird', juvenile.

Philemon argenticeps, 'Silver-crowned Friarbird'. Distinguished by 'bib' of silver feathers. Found in woodlands and mangroves across northern Australia.

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