Flying Fish
Tropical Open Ocean

One of the most awe-inspiring sights of the tropical seas are the flying fish!

Order Beloniformes

Family Exocoetidae: 'Flying Fish'


The following species of flying fish I have given some common names based on the survey book 'The amazing world of Flying Fish' and matching up with scientific names from website: "Fishes of Australia". However, taxonomy on flying fish is unresolved and there are no field guides as such, so take all of these names with a BUCKET LOAD OF SEA SALT - they are just guesses! 

Cheilopogon ?abei sp,.'Yellowband Flying Fish'.


Cheilopogon ?atrisignis, 'Greater Spotted Flying Fish',  'Freckled Pinkwing'


Cypselurus (?) poecilopterus, 'Leopardwing', 'Yellow-wing'


? 'Pink-winged Apache'

? 'Black-eyed Pinkwing'

? 'Rosy-veined Clear-wing'


? 'Solomon Cerulean Flying Fish'.


? 'Pink-tailed Clearwing'


? 'Blue Bandwing'

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