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WALLACEAN Tropical & Subtropical Dry Broadleaf Forest

The birds of the tropical & subtropical dry forest of Wallacea...

Family Megapodiidae

(Rinca, Indonesia)

Megapodius reinwardt, 'Orange-footed Scrubfowl'.

Family Columbidae

(Satonda Island, Indonesia)

Ducula aenea, 'Green Imperial Pigeon'.

(Nino Konis Santana National Park, East Timor)

Macropygia magna, 'Timor Cuckoo-Dove'.

(Nino Konis Santana National Park, East Timor)

Ptilinopus regina (subspecies) roseipileum, '(Timor) Rose-crowned Fruit Dove'. This subspecies has no 'rose crown'.

Family Meropidae: Bee-eaters

(Nino Konis Santana National Park, East Timor)

Merops ornatus, 'Rainbow Bee-eater'.

Family Oriolidae: Orioles & Figbirds

Oriolus chinensis, 'Black-naped Oriole', (Komodo Island, Indonesia). Found in many habitats, including the dry forest of Wallacea. A very widespread species throughout south-east Asia.

Family Dicruridae: Drongos

Dicrurus densus 'Wallacean Drongo' (Komodo Island, Indonesia).

Family Corvidae: Crows & Jays

Family Muscicapidae: Old World Flycatchers

Saxicola gutturalis, 'Timor Bush Chat'. (Nino Konis Santana National Park, East Timor).

Family Dicaeidae

Dicaeum igniferum, 'Black-fronted flowerpecker'. Endemic to the Lesser Sunda islands (Satonda Island, Indonesia).

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