Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest (Rainforest)

(Rainforest along coast at Masoala National Park, Madagascar)

Kingdom Plantae

Order Alismatales 

Family Araceae

Pothos spp.


A genus of over 50 species. Usually grow as vines flat up against tree trunks in the rainforest. They often have a 'double' leaf shaped like a candle and flame. Species are found in Australia, New Guinea, through south-east Asia and on islands of the tropical Indo-Pacific.

Order Arecales

Family Arecaceae: Palms

Raffia Palms

There are about 20 species ofRaffia Palm. One species is found in the Neotropics, with the rest native to  Africa and Madagascar. They flower and fruit once in their lives, and then die. The fibre from the leaves is commonly used for a natural rope.

Order Rosales

Family Moraceae

 Ficus sp. 'Fig'

(Masoala, Madagascar)

A genus of over 850 species found throughout the tropics and warmer parts of the world, and are particularly diverse in tropical rainforests.

Kingdom Animalia

Class Arachnida

Order Araneae: Spiders

Nephila sp. 'Golden Orb Web Spiders'.

Class Insecta

(Pond Skater, Isalo)

Order Odonata: 'Dragonflies' and 'Damselflies'

Order Hemiptera: Bugs

Family Gerridae: 'Water Striders', 'Pond Skaters'

(Masoala, Madagascar)

'Pond Skater'.

Order Anura: 'Frogs'

Family Mantellidae

(Mount Amber National Park, Madagascar)

Aglyptodactylus spp. 'Madagascan Jumping Frogs'. There are 6 species in this genus and they are all endemic to Madagascar.

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Places to experience the Madagascan rainforest

Madagascar has a number of national parks where you can explore the countries rainforest, including Amber Mountain National Park, and Masoala.

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