MADAGASCAN Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest
Amphibians & Reptiles

The rainforest of Madagascar has an incredible diversity of endemic amphibians and reptiles. 

Order Anura: 'Frogs'

Family Mantellidae

aglyptodactylus-jumping-frog-madagascar(Mount Amber National Park, Madagascar)

Aglyptodactylus spp. 'Madagascan Jumping Frogs'. There are 6 species in this genus and they are all endemic to Madagascar.

boophis-masoalaBoophis Frog (Masoala, Madagascar)

Boophis spp. 'Skeleton Frogs', 'Bright-eyed Frogs'. There are at least 80 species in this genus, and it has been claimed that several new species are being discovered every single year. They are all endemic to Madagascar and surrounding islands. Many species have evolved parallel or convergent features with the Hylidae and Rhacophoridae 'Tree Frogs' in other parts of the tropics, including large eyes, long hindlimbs and toe pads.

Order Reptilia

Family Gekkonidae

Uroplatus spp., 'Flat-tailed Geckos', 'Madagascan Leaf-tailed Geckos'

(Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar)

The genus name translates as 'flat-tail'. They are all endemic to the forests of Madagascar. There are more species than previously thought; some can only be distinguished in the field by the colour and patterns in their large eyeballs.

(Masoala National Park, Madagascar)

 They are nocturnal, and by day they rest camouflaged against tree trunks, usually upside down.

(Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar)

Uroplatus fimbriatus, 'Common Leaf/Flat-tailed Gecko'. Endemic to rainforests of eastern Madagascar.

Family Gerrhosauridae: Plated Lizards

Family Chamaeleonidae

(Chameleon, Masoala National Park, Madagascar)

Chameleons are found across the tropics of Asia and Africa, with the centre of diversity in Madagascar.

(outside Diego Suarez, Madagascar)

Furcifer pardalis, 'Panther Chameleon'. Across its range this species varies in pattern and colour. It is found in and around forest in northern Madagascar. 

Brookesia spp. 'Leaf Chameleons'

Tiny chameleons that live in the leaf litter of the rainforest.

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