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Damon RamseyAm I in the American west? No, it is the Breakaways in South Australia!

the speaker Damon Ramsey

Damon Ramsey is a species-ophile - his personal obsession in life is to see as many types of plants,  animals and ecosystems as he can. His professional aim is to interpret all this nature and wildlife through his books, articles, videos, lectures, guiding and website. He completed his Biology degree very slowly at Charles Darwin University, N.T., and James Cook University Qld. However, he was disappointed to see neither Mr. Darwin or Mr. Cook on the campus. Previous to this, he gained his qualifications in Outdoor Guiding in the Blue Mountains. These courses led to a range of research assistant experiences, from bandicoots to bats. He produces various educational projects through “Ecosystem Guides”, including guide books , a series of videos and a massive fast-growing free-access website which acts as 'a field guide to the planet'. For a living, Damon has worked as a guide, since 1998 (before the turn of the century!), including overnight jungle hikes, rock art tours, documentary film shoots, 4WD safaris, coral reef cruises, cycle tours, wildlife & bird-watching tours, and study programs. For the last decade most of his work has been as a guide and lecturer on a dozen different cruise and expedition ships around the world. He has written over 130 different lecture titles, illustrated with his own photographs, and jokes he has stolen from other people. The subjects include astronomy, geography, geology, botany, insects, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, and even one on a James Bond movie. His work has taken him to over 50 countries across all 7 continents, from the Arctic to Antarctica, and the tropics of Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia in between. These days he is based mainly in Thailand as he can't afford to live in Australia. Currently, due to the coronavirus, he can not get back home and is floating around Australia exploring the country-continent in a camper car. But at least there are flowers to look at and birds to listen to!

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