Ecosystem Guides 

These videos explore a different ecosystem in each series. The first (and only!) series was 'Rainforest of tropical Australia'. They explore the ecosystem in a "how to.." format, such as "how to find frogs on the forest floor". Each series is made up of several episodes. Each episode is made up of 2-10 minute 'chapters'.

The episodes are made for playing in lectures, and the smaller chapters for playing on the "Ecosystem Guides" youtube channel.

The approach is by field science, but with adventure and humour.

Damon Ramsey filming penguins for Ecosystem Guides documentaries

Thinking of travelling again after everything settles down? The first expedition I am booked to work on after the virus is Micronesia, New Guinea & Indonesia in 2021 with Silversea. Meanwhile I am giving a lecture on the Sunshine Coast (Australia) on the "Sounds of suburban south-east Queensland".