Guest Lecturer on Expedition ships
Damon Ramsey

Damon Ramsey (that's me) is hired out through Ecosystem Guides as a guest lecturer, professional speaker, and destination speaker. I have talked to university classes, in-the-field biology college groups, zoo groups, on large cruise ships, and (mostly) on expedition ships.

The presentations can be from 20-50 minutes long, and the subject can be more scientific or less, depending on the audience. I try to present the subjects in an entertaining and lively way, with lots of humour; be aware there may be audience participation... I have turned previous audience members into waves, nesting birds, wombats or barnacles!  I avoid using rows and rows of text, so the presentations are more image based. For the nature & wildlife talks, I generally only use my own images, so there are no copyright issues. Many of the talks have been developed in conjunction with my books in the  “Ecosystem Guides” series.

Damon RamseyI must be giving a serious lecture - I am wearing long pants!

The lecture include a range of destination and natural history subjects, click here for a list of lectures.

An example of a talk (an edited version with just photographs) is here.

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