Plants, Insects & Reptiles
NEOTROPICAL Tropical & Subtropical Savanna

Kingdom Plantae

(Pantanal, Brazil)

Tabebuia/Handroanthus ochracea/chrysotricha, 'Corteza amarillia/ipĂȘ amarelo', 'Golden Trumpet Tree'. Flowers in spring. A common and conspicuous tree in tropical woodlands and flooded grasslands of South America.

Kingdom Animalia

Class Insecta

(Pousa alegre, Pantanal, Brazil)

Class Reptilia

Family Telidae: mostly 'Whiptails' and 'Racerunners'

There are over 150 species in this family found across the Americas.

(Pousa Alegre, Brazil)

Ameiva ameiva, 'Amazonian Racerunner'. Widespread in Central and South America.

Salvator; 'Tegu'

There are various lizards in differenet genera known as 'Tegu'. The three species in this genus look and act somewhat like old world tropical monitor lizards, but are not closely related to them.

(Pousa Alegre, Brazil)

Salvator merianae, 'Argentine Black and White Tegu'. Found in many habitats across South America.

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