Plants & Invertebrates
AUSTRALASIAN Temperate Ocean

The algae, plants and invertebrates of Australasian temperate oceans and seas...

Kingdom Chromista

Class Phaeophyceae: Brown Algae

Order Dictyotales

Family Dictyotaceae 

dictyota-dichotoma-rottnest-(Rottnest Island, W.A.)

Dictyota dichotoma, 'Forked Ribbon'. Despite being a 'brown' algae, it often has a iridescent blue-greenish tinge. Wide distribution across temperate seas.

Order Laminariales: Kelps

Family Lessoniaceae 

(Rottnest Island)

Ecklonia radiata, 'Common/Spiny Kelp'.  Can form dense underwater forests. Found from shallow waters down to 25 metres. Widespread in temperate waters of southern hemisphere.

Kingdom Plantae

Order Asimatales

Family Poisidoniaceae

(Rottnest Island)

Posidonia sp. 'Strapweed'. A group of seagrass with a disjunct distribution; they are found in the Mediterranean and in southern Australian waters.

Kingdom Animalia

Phylum Cnidaria: Corals and Sea Jellies

Order Antipatharia: Black Corals

Milford-Sound-Underwater-Observatory-black-coral(Milford Sound Underwater Observatory, New Zealand)

Antipathella (previously Antipathes) fiordensis, 'Black Coral'.

Phylum Annelida

Class Polychaeta

Order Sabellida

Milford-Sound-Underwater-Observatory-tubes(Milford Sound Underwater Observatory, New Zealand)

Protula sp. 'Marine Polychaete Worm' 

Phylum Echinodermata: 
'Sea Stars', 'Sea Cucumbers' etc

Family Asteriidae

Milford-Sound-Underwater-Observatory-11-armed-seastar(Milford Sound Observatory, New Zealand)

Coscinasterias calamaria, 'Eleven-armed Sea-star'. Found along southern Australia and New Zealand shores. 

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