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Family Recurvirostridae: Stilts & Avocets

Himantopus himantopus, 'Black-winged Stilts' (Bundala, Sri Lanka).

Family Scolopacidae: Sandpipers, Snipes

Limosa sp., 'Godwit Sandpiper' (Bundala, Sri Lanka).

Tringa totanus, 'Redshank', (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Family Ciconiidae: Storks

Leptoptilos javanicus, 'Lesser Ajutant Stork',  (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Family Ardeidae: Herons

Ardea alba'Great Egret' (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Egretta garzetta, 'Little Egret' (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Ardeola grayii, 'Indian Pond Heron', (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Family Accipitridae: Hawks, Kites, Eagles

Haliaeetus leucogaster, 'White-bellied Sea-eagle' juvenile (Rinca, Indonesia).

Haliastur indus, 'Brahminy Kite' (Rinca, Indonesia).

Accipiter badius'Shikra' (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Family Alcedinidae: Kingfishers

Alcedo atthis'Common/Eurasian Kingfisher', (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Halcyon pileata'Black-capped Kingfisher', (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Pelargopsis amauroptera, 'Brown-winged Kingfisher' (image by Damon Ramsey)(Sundarbans, Bangladesh)

Pelargopsis amauroptera, 'Brown-winged Kingfisher'. Large and strikingly coloured kingfisher. Restricted to mangroves along coast of North-east India and down to southern peninsular Malaysia.

(Bali Barat, Indonesia)

Todiramphus chloris palmeri, 'Collared Kingfisher'.

Sundarbans, Bangladesh

Todiramphus chloris humii, 'Collared Kingfisher'

Family Dicruridae: 'Drongos'

Dicrurus aeneus, 'Bronze Drongo', (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

Dicrurus paradiseus, 'Greater racket-tailed Drongo', (Sundarbans, Bangladesh).

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