NEOTROPICAL Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest
Passerine birds

Family Cotingidae: 'Cotingas'

A bizarre bird! Where is it's mouth??

Rupicola peruvianus'Andean Cock-of-the-Rock'.

Family Tityridae: Tityras & Becards

Pachyramphus polychopterus, 'White-winged Becard' (Machu Picchu, Peru). Variable plumage. Found in lowland and mid mountain rainforest. Widespread throughout Central and South America.

Family Tyrannidae: Tyrant Flycatchers

The largest family of birds in the world. All 436 species are endemic to the Americas.

kingbird-tropical-manu-paradise-lodge(Manu Paradise Lodge, Peru)

Tyrannus melancholicus, 'Tropical Kingbird'. Often perched. A common bird in many open habitats throughout the Americas, including rainforest edge.  

kiskadee-great-antonios-lodge(Antonios Jungle Lodge, Brazil)

Pitangus sulphuratus, 'Great Kiskadee', 'Bem-te-vi' (Brazil). A common bird of open habitats across the Americas, including urban areas and right up the edge of the rainforest, such as at lodges.

(Wayqecha Lodge, Peru)

Ochthoeca rufipectoralis, 'Rufous-breasted Chat Tyrant'.

Family Grallariidae, Antpittas

Antpittas are dumpy little birds, and normally shy and difficult to see.

Grallaricula flavirostris, Ochre-breasted Antpitta (Angel Paz, Ecuador).

Family Furnariidae

This large family includes Neotropical Miners, Neotropical Leaf-tossers, Woodcreepers, Earthcreepers, Cinclodes, Foliage-cleaners, Spinetails, and many more...

(Villa Carmen Lodge, Peru)

Furnarius leucopus, 'Pale-legged Hornero'.

Subfamily Dendrocolaptidae: Woodcreepers

(Villa Carmen Lodge, Peru)

 'Wood-creeper'. Species not known. Found on tree trunks in rainforest.

(Yarina, Ecuador)

Nasica longirostris, 'Long-billed Woodcreeper'.

Family Corvidae, 'Crows' and 'Jays'

(Iguazu Falls, Brazil side)

Cyanocorax chrysops, 'Plush-crested Jay'.

Family Cinclidae: Dippers

Dippers are the only songbirds birds adapted to swimming under in and under water. They are found along fast flowing waterways mountains in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 

(Aguas Calientes, Peru)

Cinclus leucocephalus, 'White-capped Dipper'.

Family Turdidae: Thrushes

(Wayqecha Lodge, Peru)

Turdus fuscater, 'Great Thrush'. Lives in open areas and on edge of forest along South American Andes.

(Wayqecha Lodge, Peru)

Turdus serranus, 'Glossy Black Thrush'. Lives in montane rainforest along South American Andes.

Family Fringillidae: Finches, Euphonias

(Tandayapa Lodge, Ecuador)

Family Emberizidae: Buntings

Family Passerellidae: American Sparrows

(Wayecha Lodge, Peru)

Zonotrichia capensis, 'Andean Sparrow', 'Rufous collared Sparrow'.

(Wayqecha Lodge, Peru)

Atlapetes melanolaemus, 'Black-faced/Grey-eared Brush-finch'.

(Machu Picchu Peru)

Atlapetes tricolor, 'Tri-coloured Brush-finch'. Found in hill and mid-mountain forest along the Andes.

Family Icteridae, 'New World Blackbirds'

Psarocolius decumanus, 'Crested Oropendola'.

Family Parulidae: (New World) Wood-warblers

Myioborus melanocephalus, 'Spectacled Redstart'(Wayqecha, Peru)

Myioborus melanocephalus, 'Spectacled Redstart/Whitestart'. Found in mountain forest and woodlands along tropical part of the Andes.

Family Cardinalidae: Cardinals

Piranga rubra, 'Summer Tanager'. Not considered a tanager, but placed in the related cardinal family. Breeds in pine-oak forest in North America, and winters in rainforest in Central America, northern South America and south along the Andes.

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