NEOTROPICAL Tropical & Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forest

The mammals of the rainforest of South and Central America...

Order Primates

Family Cebidae: Capuchins and Squirrel Monkeys

Sapajus apella'Brown Capuchin', 'Black-capped Capuchin' (Cock of the Rock Lodge, Peru). Widespread across South America, and probably comprised of different species.

Family Atelidae: Howler, Spider & Woolly Monkeys

Lagothrix cana, 'Gray Woolly Monkey' (Manu Road, Peru). Usually found in mountain rainforest, in south-eastern Peru and western Brazil, and small patches in Bolivia.

Order Rodentia

Family Sciuridae Squirrels

Sciurus ignitus, 'Bolivian Squirrel' (Manu Road, Peru).

Sciurus spadiceus, 'Southern Amazon Red Squirrel' (Cock of the Rock Lodge, Peru).

Notosciurus granatensis, 'Red-tailed Squirrel' (Bellavista Lodge, Ecuador).

Family Dasyproctidae: Agoutis and Acouchis

Dasyprocta variegata, 'Brown Agouti',  (Cock of the Rock Lodge, Peru).

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