AUSTRALASIAN Temperate Seashore


(Kangaroo Island)

Xanthoria, 'Sunburst Lichen'.


Class Phaeophyceae, 'Brown Algae'

Order Laminariales

Family Lessoniaceae

(Maria Island, Tasmania)

Ecklonia radiatia, 'Spiny Kelp'. Rarely very long, less than a metre in length. The blades have a distinct pattern of ridges, and the edges have regular spines. Normally lives in the lower inter-tidal zone to about 25 metres depth, often found washed along temperate shores. Grows across temperate shores across southern hemisphere, including southern Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, but also recorded up into Cape Verde Islands.

Order Fucales

Family Hormosiraceae

(Maria Island, Tasmania)

Hormosira banksii , 'Neptunes Necklace'. Endemic to the intertidal zones of temperate seashores of south-east Australia, New Zealand, Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands. Outcompetes other algae due to being able to avoid desiccation.

Phylum/Division Chlorophyta

The green algae. This group often also contains all the land vascular plants, to reflect their relationship (in contrast to the brown and red algae).

Class Ulvophyceae

Order Ulvales

Family Ulvaceae

(Maria Island, Tasmania)

Ulva lactuca. 'Sea Lettuce'. As suggested by the common name, looks like lettuce, or torn green paper. It is very thin, being only two cells thick. It grows in shallow waters near the shore, including lower intertidal areas. Found worldwide, especially common on temperate seashores with abundant nutrients. This seaweed is edible. However, when large amounts wash up on shore, the rotting thalli (leaves) produce hydrogen sulphide, and this has been implicated in poisoning people.

Tracheophytes: Land Vascular Plants

Order Myrtales

Family Myrtaceae

(Rottnest Island, West Australia)

Melaleuca lanceolata, 'Moonah' 'Rottnest Island Teatree'. Flowers mostly in summer. Found in coastal sand, heath, open woodland and mallee across southern Australia.

Order Caryophyllales

Family Amaranthaceae

(Rottnest Island, Australia)

Chenopodium candolleanum, 'Seaberry Saltbush'.

Order Lamiales

Family Lamiaceae

(Rottnest Island, Australia)

Westringia dampieri, 'Coastal Rosemary'. Shrub, appears silvery. Thin succulent-like leaves. Flowers peak in summer. White (or pink)  hairy flowers with pink and yellow spots. Grows on limestone, native to coastal heaths and woodlands in southern West Australia, along Nullabor coast to South Australia.

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