Tropical Rainforest of Australia

This series of documentaries explores the tropical rainforest of Australia. It looks at various subjects from a 'how to' in-the-field point of view, but with a focus and a result based on this habitat. For example, one chapter in the "Discover Hidden Diversity" is "How to...Find frogs on the forest floor". 

This series of made up of 6 episodes:

(how to) "Understand the Tropical Rainforest"

(how to) "Find Ancestral Wildlife"

(how to) "Discover Hidden Diversity"

(how to) "Bird-watch in the Rainforest"

(how to) "Survive in the Jungle"

Various chapters and excerpts can be seen on the Ecosystem Guides youtube channel.

Damon Ramsey with cassowary dung, filming documentary in the rainforest ( the shit again

details on chapters...

(how to) "Understand the Tropical Rainforest"

define the rainforest


herbivory & find peppermint stick insects

pollinators & find sugar gliders

seed dispersal

predators & find pythons

(how to) "Find Ancestral Wildlife"

Find Ancient Plants

Find Cassowary

Find Megapodes

Watch Platypus

Watch Musky Rat kangaroo

(how to) "Discover Hidden Diversity"

Identify plants

Catch butterflies

Find frogs on the forest floor

Spotlight rare possums

find rainforest kangaroos

(how to) "Birdwatch in the Rainforest"

Use Binoculars

Edge of the rainforest

Bird Lodges

Feed birds

Watch Birds of Paradise display

Bird diversity

(how to) "Survive in the Jungle"

Deal with climate

Deal with dangerous plants

Recognize edible and poisonous fruits

Deal with insects


Avoid cassowary attack

Yes, you are stuck with me as the host, as I couldn't afford to pay anyone else to do it. I tried to edit around my more stupid expressions, but look at what I have to work with.

This series took about three years to put together (and counting). Not because they are technologically brilliant, but more because I just had to squeeze it in part time between guiding and writing and I kept changing the format.

But it was a lot of fun to put these together over the last few years; sort of fulfiling a childhood ambition. The technology just wasn't there 20 years ago.

As with most of my projects, they are ongoing, and I always tinkering away to add and improve things.

And as with all my projects, I give away products to educational and legitimate ecotourism organiations; I am not in for the money.

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