OCEANIAN Tropical Moist Forest

The rare and restricted birds of the rainforest of the islands of the Pacific...

Class Aves: Birds

Family Columbidae: Doves & Pigeons

Ptilinopus spp. 'Fruit Doves'

(in captivity, Fiji)

Ptilinopus luteovirens, 'Golden Fruit Dove'. Endemic to Fiji.

Ducula spp. 'Imperial Pigeons'

(Taveuni, Fiji)

Ducula latrans, 'Barking/Peale's Imperial Pigeon'. Endemic to Fiji.

Family Accipitridae: Hawks, Kites, Eagles

(Colo-I-Suva, Fiji)

Accipiter rufitorques, 'FiJian Goshawk'. Found in various habitats, but endemic to Fiji.

Family Psittaculidae: Parrots

(Colo-I-Suva, Fiji)

Prosopeia personata, 'Masked Shining Parrot'. Endemic to Fiji.

Family Meliphagidae: Honeyeaters

(Palau Royal Resort gardens)

Myzomela rubratra, 'Micronesian Myzomela'. Found in northern Mariana islands.

Foulehaio spp.'(Fiji) Wattled Honeyeaters'

There are three species in this genus. They are found on the islands of Fiji, with one species extending into Polynesia.

(Colo-I-Suva, Fiji)

Probably Foulehaio procerior,  'Northern Wattled Honeyeater'. Endemic to main island of Fiji.

(Fulaga, Fiji)

Foulehaio carunculatus, 'Eastern Wattled Honeyeater'. Found in the rainforest and mangroves of Fiji.

Family Campephagidae: Cuckoo-shrikes

(Colo-I-Suva resort, Fiji)

Lalage maculosa, 'Polynesian Triller'.

Family Sturnidae

(Palau Royal Resort gardens)

Aplonis opaca, 'Micronesian Starling'. Found in Micronesia, including northern Mariana islands.

Family Sturnidae: Starlings & Mynas

(Colo-I-Suva resort, Fiji)

Acridotheres fuscus, 'Jungle Mynah'. Closely related and resembles Javan Mynah. Introduced from India into Fiji and other islands. 

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