Temperate Broadleaf & Mixed Forest

The Palearctic (Eurasian) temperate broadleaf and mixed forest...

Kingdom Plantae

Order Alismatales

Family Araceae

(Yakushima, Japan)

Arisaema ovale, 'Japanese Cobra Lilly'. One of two 'Jack-in-the-Pulpits' native to Japan.

Order Sapindales

Family Sapindaceae

Acer spp. 'Maples'

(Yakushima, Japan)

Order Ericales

Family Theaceae

(Yakushima, Japan)

Camellia japonica, 'Japanese Camellia', 'Tsubaki' Eastern Asia, including southern Japan.

Kingdom Animalia

Class Aves

Family Anatidae

(Hyde Park, England)

Aythya fuligula, 'Tufted Duck'.

Family Corvidae

(Hyde Park, England)

Corvus corone , 'Carrion Crow'. Found in various ecosystems, including human habitats, in two separate areas at either and of the Palearctic; western Europe and temperate Asia.

(Hyde Park, England)

Pica pica, 'Eurasian Magpie'. Found in open forests, including human habitats, across Europe and temperate Asia. Reported to be the only bird (so far) to naturally pass the 'mirror test' of self-awareness.

Family Paridae: includes Tits

(Yakushima Island, Japan)

Sittiparis varius, 'Varied Tit'. Found in temperate forests in Japan and adjacent parts of mainland Asia. 

Family Pycnonotidae: Bulbuls

(Yakushima Island, Japan)

Hypsipetes amaurotis, 'Brown-eared Bulbul'. A common bird of eastern Asia.

Class Mammalia

Order Primates

Family Cercopithecidae: Old World Monkeys

(Yakushima Island, Japan)

Macaca fuscata, 'Japanese Macaque', 'Snow Monkey'. This species is the most northerly living primate (besides humans).

Order Artiodactyla : Even-toed Hoofed Mammals

Family Cervidae: Deer

(Yakushima Island, Japan)

Cervus nippon, 'Sika/Spotted/Japanese Deer'. Once found from northern Vietnam to Russian far east, but now only common in Japan.

Places to experience temperate Eurasian broadleaf & mixed forest

For a taste of the common species, pop into Hyde Park, London, England. For a more authentic experience of native forest, visit: Yakushima Island, Japan.

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