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INDO-MALAYAN Temperate Broadleaf & Coniferous Forest

The varied plants of the mountain forests of Asia...

Division Pinophyta

Order Pinales

Family Pinaceae

Abies 'Fir'

This genus of conifers contains some 50 or so species. They usually grow as tall trees. Firs can be distinguished from other conifers by the way each single needle-like leaf is attached to the branch with a rounded base. The cones usually stand upright like candles, and then start to fall apart once mature. They are mostly found in mountain forests, and are distributed across Asia, Europe, Africa and North & Central America.

Abies densa, 'Bhutan/Sikkim Fir' (Bhutan). It is most common at 3000 to 4000 metres altitude, in the Himalayan region. Similar to Abies spectabilis.

Division Magnoliophyta


Order Asparagales

Family Iridaceae

Iris clarkei.

Order Sapindales

Family Sapindaceae

Acer spp. 'Maple'

While we might think of Maples of Canadian, they are in fact spread across the northern hemisphere, and most species are found in temperate Asia. 

Order Dipsicales

Family Caprifolicaceae

Acanthocalyx nepalensis.

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