style guide main page titles are 40
for ecosystem guides page subtitles are 20

this is just the way my website is formatted - how did you find this? get outta here!

Kingdom headings are 32

Phylum/Division headings are 28

Class headings are 24

Order headings are 20

Family: headings are 16 

Genus sp. headings are bold and 15 (everything is bold upwards of this)

text for general subjects are standard default text (15)

(in brackets is the location where the photograph was taken)

Text for describing species and photos are 12 and regular font.

For species descriptions I have Scientific name, 'Common name'. taxonomy, number of species etc. Description: form, size, colour, flower, fruit. Habitat, then distribution. Subspecies, range and description. Ecology. Human uses. 

links to other pages are heading bold and 20 

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