"Rainforest of Tropical Australia"
Text and photography by Damon Ramsey

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"Rainforest of tropical Australia” (2nd edition)


“The complete guide to our most diverse ecosystem”


The revised and expanded second edition helps you explore the beautiful rainforests that grow in Queensland, as well as across northern Australia, and onto many of the surrounding islands.

This is a guide to the natural history of the tropical rainforest.

It begins with an overview of the environment and ecology of this ecosystem, from landforms to seed dispersal.

It then identifies the major groups and species, from the most primitive plants, right through to the birds and the mammals.

The book concludes with a look at the history of the people of the forest, and where to explore this habitat.

Publication Details

Released Christmas 2008

RRP Au$39.95

Size 210mm x 140mm

470 pages


ISBN: 9780975747049

Published by Ecosystem Guides.

Review & article comments

(for the 1st edition)

“exciting and very informative” Museum of tropical Queensland.

“Informative....interjected with Damon’s dry wit” Cairns Post

“…like having your own personal guide..”, Wildlife Australia Magazine

“…aims to educate tour guides, biology students and interested locals in all aspects of the rainforest habitat”, Port Douglas Gazette.

“Damon Ramsey is passionate about tropical Queensland’s nature and wildlife”, JCU Discover magazine.

“Field guide fans will love this book”, Wildlife Australia Magazine 

what about the next edition?

The third edition, if I had kept going the way I was going, would have been 600 pages long and just unaffordable for me to publish. I was working on a more souvenir style book, but economics resulting from the virus has postponed this indefinitely. I am currently in the stages of veeerrrry slowly transferring all that information to the internet instead....this very website in fact!

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