AUSTRALASIAN Temperate Freshwater (wetlands, lakes & rivers)

Flowering Plants

Order Myrtales

Family Myrtaceae

Species in this family often have leaves covered in oil glands. Thus when they are crushed, they usually have a strong 'tea-tree' smell.

Melaleuca sp. 'Paperbarks'

The most obvious and dominant type of tree in Australian wetlands, both temperate and tropical, are the Melaleuca Paperbarks...

(Herdsman Lake, Perth)

Melaleuca trees are often called 'paperbarks' because of the distinctive flakey and peeling appearance of the trunk.

(Herdsman Lake, Perth)

Flower of Melaleucas are often often cream in colour and strong in a musky smell.

Callistemon spp. 'Bottlebrush'

(Herdsman Lake, Perth)

Callistemon flower are usually bright red in colour.

Beaufortia spp.

(Nonralup, Western Australia)
(Nonralup, Western Australia)

Beaufortia sparsa, 'Swamp Bottlebrush'. Large red bottle-brush like flowers (upper image above). Small hard fruits (lower image above). Endemic to south west Australia, where it grows in swampy areas.

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