"Ocean Surfaces of Australasia"
Damon Ramsey

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“Ocean Surfaces of Australasia”


“The perfect book to read while cruising the oceans”


This guide helps you understand the largest of all ecosystems, the open seas and oceans with a focus on Australia, New Guinea & New Zealand.

The book begins with an overview of oceanography, from the creation of storms and swells, to why the water is blue.

It then identifies the major groups of animals seen on the ocean surface, from bizarre sucker fish and flying fish, through to the glorious gliding sea-birds and the largest of all animals - the whales.

The book concludes with a look at the human exploration of our largest habitat - the open ocean.

Publication Details

Released January 2009

RRP approx. Au$29.95


Size 210mm x 140mm

180 pages

ISBN: 9780975747056 (pbk.)

Published by Ecosystem Guides. 

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