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Email is by far the BEST way to communicate with me. Even though I am mostly on ships, many times remote and at the mercy of slow satellite internet, I can usually get on the internet every few days. My email address is:

I find it is better to cut and paste this email address into your own email service, rather than using 'pop up' email boxes that often do not work.

Please note that Ecosystem Guides is a small business that doesn't make much money, and is not looking for employees.

So I generally answer emails in the following order of preference:

ONGOING emails regarding booked contract/work for lecturing and guiding

ENQUIRIES about possible future contract/work for lecturing and guiding

ENQUIRIES about my books

GENERAL nature enquiries

If I haven't answered, I am probably away, but feel free to send a few emails again, I won't be offended, and it is amazing how many emails get lost out there!

Phone number

Please email me for my phone number.

Residential address:

I have now moved all my stuff from Bangkok and resettled back in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

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