Insects, Reptiles, Birds & Mammals
AUSTRALASIAN Temperate Heathland (Kwongan & Wallum)

Class Insecta

Order Coleoptera

Family Scarabaeidae

Jewel Beetle (image by Damon Ramsey)(Lesueur National Park, Western Australia)

Diphucephala sp. 'Green Scarab Beetle'.

Family Curculionidae: 'True Weevils'

Gagatophorus draco, 'Broad-nosed Weevil'.

Class Aves: Reptilia

Family Agamidae

(East Wallabi, Houtman Abrolhos)

Pogona minor minima, 'Abrolhos Bearded Dwarf Dragon'. A subspecies of the Western Bearded Dragon; this one only lives on the Wallabi Islands of the Abrolhos. 

Family Scincidae

(Lesueur National Park, W.A)

Tiliqua rugosa , 'Bobtail', 'Pinecone Lizard'. There are four subspecies of the Shingleback Lizard, with three of them living in the south-west. The are often seen basking on tracks in heathland habitats.

(East Wallabi, Houtman Abrolhos, W.A)

Ctenotus fallens, 'West coast laterite Ctenotus'. Endemic to south-west and mid western Australia. Mostly found in arid coastal environments.

(East Wallabi, Houtman Abrolhos)

Egernia kingii, 'Kings Skink'. Larger thick skink. Dark with lighter speckling. Found in heath and open forest, particularly in coastal situations. Endemic to the south west of Australia.

Class Aves: Birds

Family Cuculidae: Cuckoos

(Cheynes, W.A))

Cacomantis flabelliformis, 'Fan-tailed Cuckoo'. Found in a variety of habitats in south-western and eastern Australia.

Family Strigidae: 'Typical Owls'

Boobook Owl (image by Damon Ramsey)Cheynes, Western Australia

Ninox boobook, 'Australian/ Southern Boobook Owl'. The smallest owl on the Australian mainland. A suggested by the common mame, the call is a a double rough hoot "oop-oop" with the first syllable being higher.

Family Cacatuidae: Cockatoos

(Cheynes, Western Australia)

Zanda latirostris, 'Carnaby's Black Cockatoo', 'Short-billed Black Cockatoo. Endemic to the south-west of Australia.

Family Maluridae: 'Australasian Wrens' 

(Cheynes, W.A)

Stipiturus malachurus, 'Southern Emuwren'. Found in heath and woodlands in south-east and south-west Australia


Sericornis frontalis, 'White-browed Scrubwren'. 

Family Meliphagidae: Honeyeaters


Gavicalis virescens, 'Singing Honeyeater'. One of Australia's most widespread honeyeaters, found in dry habitats, including heath, across most of the country except for the wetter habitats on the east coast.

(Kings Park, W.A)

Phylidonyris niger, 'White-cheeked Honeyeater'. Looks similar to New Holland Honeyeater. Found in various habitats, but especially temperate heathlands, in the south west (subspecies gouldii) and along east coast of Australia.

Class Mammalia

Family Phalangeridae

Brushtail Possum with white tail (image by Damon Ramsey)Cheynes Beach, Western Australia

Trichosurus vulpecula, 'Common Brushtail Possum'.

Family Macropodidae


Macropus fuliginosus'Western Grey Kangaroo'. The common large kangaroo in temperate Australia west from the Great Dividing Range.

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