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The seabirds of the Subantarctic ocean, including penguins, petrels and albatross...


Tubenoses, including Albatross & Petrels

Family Diomedeidae: Albatross

Diomedea spp. 'Great Albatross'

Diomedea exulans, 'Wandering Albatross'.

Thalassarche spp. 'Mollymawk Albatross'

The 'Mollymawk' Albatross are smaller than the Great Diomedea Albatross. Unlike the latter birds, the Mollymawks have a dark back. The different species in the genus can usually be distinguished from each other by their slightly different coloured bills.

(between South Georgia and Falklands)

Thalassarche melanophris'Black-browed Mollymawk', view of upperside.

(between South Georgia and Falklands)

Black-browed Mollymawk, view of underside

Family Procellariidae: Giant Petrels, Prions, Fulmars

Giant Petrels

(between South Georgia and Falklands)

Macronectes giganteus, 'Southern Giant Petrel'.


Scotia Sea

Fulmarus glacialoides, 'Southern Fulmar'.

Pagodroma sp.

(Scotia Sea)

Pagodroma nivea, 'Snow Petrel'.


Rhymes with iron, Pry-on, not Pree-on.

(image by Damon Ramsey)(between Ushuaia and Falklands)

Pachyptila belcheri, 'Slender-billed Prion'. Long thin bill, large white eyebrow.

Pachyptila desolata'Antarctic Prion' (Scotia Sea).

Family Oceanitidae: Storm Petrels


Oceanites oceanicus'Wilsons Storm Petrel'. One of the most abundant birds in the world.

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