NEOTROPICAL Montane Grassland & Shrubland

The birds of the Neotropical paramo and puna montane grasslands and shrublands...

Family Laridae: Gulls

Chroicocephalus serranus, Andean Gull

Family Threskiornithidae: Ibis and Spoonbills

Theristicus branickii, Andean Black-faced Ibis


Family Turdidae: Thrushes

Turdus chiguanco, 'Chiquanco Thrush', (Cusco, Peru).

Family Fringillidae: Finches, Euphonias

Spinus magellanicus, Hooded Siskin, (Cusco, Peru).

Family Passerellidae: American Sparrows

Zonotrichia capensis'Rufous-collared Sparrow', 'Andean Sparrow','Tico-tico' (Portuguese), Chingolo (Spanish), (Cusco, Peru).

Family Thraupidae: Tanagers

Saltator aurantiirostris, 'Golden-beaked Saltator', (Cusco, Peru).

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