Coral Reef

The coral reefs of the Caribbean may not be as diverse or colourful as the Pacific, but they have a range of endemic species...

Many of the tropical waters of the Caribbean that are not decorated by coral may have their colour provided by many sponges instead. Sponges have what is often considered the most basic body plan of all the multi-cellular animals. They are sedentary as adults, and resemble plants in their simplicity and adherence to the substrate. Sponges are covered in tiny holes that draw water in. This is accomplished by small beating hairs that bring the water in. As the water is pumped throughout the inside of the animal, it is filtered for food particles. The water is the pumped out, exiting much larger holes.

Amphimedon-compressa-red-sponge-antiguaAmphimedon compressa, 'Scattered Pore Rope Sponge', (Pillar Rocky Bay, Antigua)

I have snorkelled Caribbean reefs at San Blas Islands (Panama), Antigua, San Andres (Colombia) and Mexico.

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